Pure fruit – the unique fruit experience in every season!

Our fruits are carefully harvested, sorted by hand and then immediately deep frozen using shock freezing.
In the drying process – using a vacuum – the natural water is gently extracted from our fruits. Freeze drying means that the fruits lose a large part of their weight while at the same time vitamins-, Nutrients and dyes almost completely remain!In addition, this technology makes our products durable for a long time without artificial preservatives.

This unique process allows you to enjoy your favorite all year round.

Freeze drying

What are the advantages of freeze drying?

In comparison to traditionally dried fruits, you can provide your body with the most important vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Our products help you to lead a healthy lifestyle that can be easily integrated into your everyday life. No matter whether on the go, in the office, at sport, in your muesli , for baking or to refine smoothies. Unlimited ways to eat a healthy, vitamin-rich diet!


Ready for the ultimate vitamin kick?

GoldTHEKE freeze drying
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